Thursday, 11 September 2014

Small Companies To Consider TYPO3 Over Web Content Editing

Typo3 is known to be strong platform for a content management. By using Typo3 you can change or edit the text on your site without using any third party tools installed. It is quiet easy tool that one doesn’t need to have knowledge of web designing or HTML to run or edit a site. There are unique features inbuilt in this platform which makes it a great platform for any size of companies whether it is big or small.

Typo3 is considered by most of the small companies for it has many advantages:-

  • Typo3 is an open source tool; this means there is no licensing cost when you download this tool for your website. This is the main advantage of this platform and the reason for small companies to consider this among many other platforms as small companies would like to save money and invest it in another resources. 
  • Creating any template in this platform is easy and is not time consuming as the template engine is inbuilt in this program. It also saves time that is spent on coding.
  • The most used feature in any CMS is the editor in spite of being the most important feature, majority of the CMS has WYSIWYG editor.  Editor is used for adding or amending any content in the website with Typo3 one can apply preset grid layouts & custom content elements which is quiet simple. It’s amazing to see that with just a single click, it can search through the entire web page and can start editing. Undoing things are easy like items that are deleted can be undeleted. User interface is very straightforward; there is no complexity in it. Page structures and content types can be narrowed down easily.
  • SEO plays a major role in success for any business. It is like a boon for small entrepreneurs as if it is done correctly one could attract many customers and in Typo3 it takes control on the content that hinders the search results, it can manipulate the page titles, and the title prefixes and builds templates.
  • One can review the content before it is out for publication.
  • Any software needs a timely up gradation to keeping it data in a secured manner. In Typo3 the services for the security updates is free of charge which means that the maintenance cost is minimum. Again the backend compatibility is very strong in this platform if you trying to run different extensions at one time the new versions would get updated without any interference. This could be one of the reasons which attract the small business owners for using Typo3 for web content editing.
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